What's a campaign?

A campaign is a set of target images gathered in the same group. The campaign entity can take up the targets of a book, magazine, catalog, packaging or any other editorial or marketing purpose.


You can also create folders (by customer, topic, contact person, etc.) in which you will classify your campaigns.

When entering the campaign section, the first view displayed is the campaign mosaic with related titles, cover images and number of targets they include. You can display your campaigns as a mosaic (default) or list, by creation history (default) or alphabetically. 




Create a new campaign

To add a new campaign, click the "New campaign", choose one or more languages, a campaign name and "Create".



You have a whole range of options at your fingertips:

  • The name
  • Compatible languages
  • You can set validity dates
    (dates beyond which the campaign markers will no longer be scannable)
  • You can manually activate/deactivate a campaign at any time.

Don't panic, after you have registered, you can always change your settings:

Any user can rename the title of the campaign and/or modify its description.
The title and description are the texts that will appear on the representative image of the campaign in the mobile application if the campaign is displayed.

Finally, you can limit the access of your collaborators to a given campaign by selecting the option "private campaign". When this option is selected, only the creator of the campaign and the administrator profiles will be able to see and modify the campaign.

Option only for White Label customers

  • You will also be able to choose to present your campaign "In the poster" in the mobile application. Only an administrator account can choose to display a campaign in its application.





Multiple languages

Find our article on multilingual campaigns by clicking HERE


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