Videos (MP4)


Videos are played in "streaming", that means the playback of the video in the app will be able to start quickly without the need to download the whole content. However, the fluidity of the playback will largely depend on the user's internet connection and the bitrate of the video.

They can be launched in different ways:

  • In augmented reality (on the marker), only once.
  • In augmented reality (on the marker), in a loop.
  • Directly from the video player of the user's device, when the user clicks on the video interaction.
  • Directly from the video player of the user's device, when it scans the cue point.

If you want to launch the video directly on the marker, in augmented reality or with transparency during the scan, please refer to the following article: Videos on Texture


Here are our recommendations to help you make the perfect video:

  • Video format: Videos must be uploaded in .MP4 format.

  • Screen Size: Your video must not exceed 1000px in length and/or height.

  • Video bitrate: Between 500 and 700 kb/s.

  • File size: Naturally set according to the size of the video combined with the bitrate of the video. However, try not to exceed 50MB/video.


Beware of videos coming out of post-production that are of very high quality but totally unusable in a mobile app: a one-minute video weighing 200MB will not be displayed in the mobile app, even with a very good wifi or 4G connection.

We advise you to export your videos with a tool, such as Adobe Media Encoder, to the following format: MP4 H.264 360p


Optimize your video for the platform

You can use this site to change your video settings: video online convert.
Don't panic! Don't panic! The only parameters you will have to worry about are "Change screen size" and "Change video bitrate".





You can also choose to check the box "Optimize the video for the platform", when importing it, to automatically adapt its format and quality.



You will be able to embed multiple videos in your cue point. However, only one video at a time will be able to launch automatically. 

If you want to launch videos simultaneously, you can replace your other videos with animated GIFS. Here are our tips for make animated GIFS.



When you import a video that you put in autoplay on loop, on the platform; in other words, in a loop; an image appears. It is almost imperceptible and yet can be annoying.
This is the cover photo of your video.

There are two ways around this:

  1. Replace the cover photo with a transparent image of the same proportions and dimensions as your video.
  2. If your video is short: create - for example - a 2-minute video. Repeat your video until you fill the time limit.

This will allow you to avoid any gaps caused by the coverage of your video.

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