Creating a single marker (JPG, PNG)


In order to be correctly recognized, images indexed in database must have a minimum size. 

This is why a PNG image of 5000px high and weighing 10MB will not be better recognized than a 2000px image weighing 1MB.

We recommend uploading images weighing between 100KB and 1MB so as not to slow down the interface.

This is why we invite you to check the size and origin of the images before submitting them on the platform. Images from prepress or InDesign streams are sometimes oversized.
Web streams are perfectly suited for use in augmented reality. Minimalist images will be poorly recognized by the mobile app.

We advise you to upload a target image rich in details (varied shapes, angles, texts, etc.) and color contrasts.

For more information, please read the following article How to optimize target detection and tracking stability? : Here 


Recommandations :

100KB to 1MB
2000px de haut et/ou de large max. 


The marker proportion must preferably fit to the mobile screen dimension (i.e. higher than wide) so that mobile camera will capture the overall target during the augmented reality experience.

If your image target is larger than high, then camera phone may see only a portion of the target, or users may be tempted to hold off from it to get a wider view; in that case it may be relevant to focus on a specific area of the Print marker, and give mobile users clear instructions about what area should be aimed at (see example). 



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