Videos on texture and Alpha-Channel (MP4)


You can display, in augmented reality, a texture video with a transparent background. There are 2 methods.

Here are some recommendations for recording videos :

  • Film in vertical format (720p or 1080p quality)
  • Character filmed at eye level.
  • Dark clothing preferred.
  • Green/blue background or marked contrast between character and background.
  • No shadow projected.
  • No sudden movement.
  • No part of the character’s body should be detached from the coloured background.
  • Microphone near the actor.

Tuto - Green background


During the first video tutorial, we will create, optimize and import a video with a single-colored background.

Prerequisites : Your own video (with a unicolor or transparent background)

  1. Convert your video to .mp4 on onlineconverter for example
  2. Choose Video Asset > Add > Choose Green Background Video as .mp4 > Uncheck Optimize for Mobile App > Use
  3. Possibility to define autostart/once/in loop…
  4. Check transparency color > click on green square > point to green background of your video to recover the exact color code to extrude > save

Bonus: it is possible to add a png cover icon on the video so as not to have a green background in case the video stops


Tuto - Alphachannel Video


During the second video tutorial, we will create, optimize and import a video with an Alpha Channel.

Prerequisites :

  • Your own video (with a plain or transparent background)
  • After Effects Software



After Effects

  1. Open After Effects > New project > New composition from the film > Select your video > Open

  2. Composition > Composition parameters… > Set a maximum height of 500px > Resize your video layer so that it fits into the composition > Minimize the sides of the video and be careful not to crop the subject (move the layer horizontally if needed)
  3. Effect > Keying > Keylight (1.2) > Select the pipette and click on the green background
  4. Effect > Aesthetics > Raw contours
  5. Composition > New composition… > Take care that the “Lock image format” box is unchecked and change the height to 1000px
  6. Copy/paste the video layer into the new composition > Duplicate the layer > Position the bottom layer to 750
  7. New > Solid > Still with the check box “Lock pixel format” unchecked, enter a height of 500px > Set solid color to black > OK
  8. Place the black solid under the other layers > Set position to 750
  9. Effect > Color Correction > Tint > Set Dark Tint to White
  10. File > Export > Add to Adobe Media Encoder waiting line…

Adobe Media Encoder

  1. H.264 > Source Match - High Throughput > Choose Location Folder > press play to start the export

Online Converter

  1. Open Online-Converter on your web browser to optimize the video’s weight
  2. Choose File > Choose video > Open > enter video dimensions (for security) > set Crop image if i needed > 700 kbps (if video is superior to 1min, set a frequency of 600 kbps) > Start (the video will download automatically)

Argo Editor

   14. Choose the video asset > Add > Choose your optimized alphachannel video > Uncheck Optimize for mobile app > Check Channel Alpha > Use

   15. Possibility to define autostart/once/in loop…

   16. Bonus: it is possible to add a png cover icon on the video in order not to have a black background in case of video shutdown


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