2D Slider (JPG, PNG, GIF)


You can display one or more images (jpg, png, gif) as a horizontal 2D slider, through the "2D Slider" interaction. We recommend using images ranging from 10KB to 100KB.

The "Slider 2D" interaction works exactly like the "Webview" interaction: it's not based on augmented reality technology and will display your content in the foreground of your device.

In the interaction properties, if the "Instant full screen" option is enabled, the slider will be automatically displayed when the marker is scanned. And if the option is unchecked, then you will have to click on the "2D Slider" interaction's cover image, after scanning your marker, to trigger the slider. 

The design/appearance of the slider is predefined and not customizable. Nevertheless, if you have some knowledge in Html/Css/Js, you will be able to reproduce the "2D Slider" interaction, directly from the "Webview" interaction, and thus customize it according to your wishes.

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