Create a Smartlink


Smartlinks are the unique links to share your documents.
You can create a Smartlink from most of the menus of the ARGOflow manager interface.

  • Click on the icon "Add Smartlink"


  • Select a document (Jpg/Png/ PDF)*
    You can also select a document already imported into your account or enter the URL of a document/image hosted online.


    * No matter the input format of your documents, all documents imported on the ARGOflow manager interface are converted to the PDF standard.
  • Wait for your document to load


  • Give a name to your Smartlink
    If no intervention, the Smartlink will be given the name of the document

  • Select the destination project of your Smartlink.
    Projects are a classification system for your Smartlinks campaigns (If you don't select a project, your Smartlink will automatically be assigned to the "Unclassified" project, waiting for a ranking).

  • Select the distribution mode for your Smartlink: Shared or Mailmerge (cf "Choose the right distribution method")

  • Click on "advanced settings" to access more parameters :


    - You can choose the validity dates of your Smartlink
    (outside the selected period, your Smartlink will be inactive and cannot be consulted)

    Downloadable: specify whether or not you allow your Smartlink to be downloaded.

    - Allow printing: specify whether or not to allow printing of your document

    - Email required: protect the consultation of your Smartlink by asking the recipient to identify himself by means of an email address

    - Password protect: protect access to your Smartlink with a password defined by you (you will have to communicate the password to your recipient(s) by another way)

  • Click on CREATE to create your Smartlink.

  • Once your Smartlink has been created, you can directly copy the unique URL assigned to it or return to your interface by clicking on OK.


Your Smartlink now appears in your Smartlink menu (which lists all the Smartlinks created by you or your collaborators within your organisation).

You can also access your Smartlink by going to the affiliate project.

NB: You can change the settings of your Smartlink at any time, even after it has been distributed, by clicking on the "Smartlink Settings" icon.


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