Create a project


The projects menu allows you to classify your Smartlinks and sort your campaigns.
You can create as many projects as you want and up to two sub-projects by project.

The Projects menu displays 2 default folders :

- Trash: equivalent of your computer's "trash can", this folder collects all the Smartlinks deleted in your organization. It acts as a back-up in case of unwanted deletion and allows you to restore a Smartlink that was accidentally deleted.

NB: To permanently delete a Smartlink, delete the Smartlinks from the TRASH folder.
If you delete a Smartlink that contains pages in Augmented Reality, the Smartlink will be placed in the "TRASH" folder but the Augmented Reality will be deleted.

- Unclassified: this folder groups together all Smartlinks not assigned to a specific project. You can reassign the Smartlinks in the Unclassified folder to another project at any time.

  • Click on "Add new project" then name your project


  • Click on your project folder to open it


  • You can create Smartlinks directly from your projects


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