Choose the right distribution method


You can choose between two distribution modes when creating a Smartlink.
Choose the one that suits your needs: 


  • Shared: classic distribution mode, it is recommended for "one to one" file sharing through email or social networks. You can identify your recipient by filling in the q= field in the URL of your Smartlink.

    If you fill the q= when your document is opened by your recipient, the anonymous information "a visitor has opened your Smartlink" will be replaced by "userX has opened your Smartlink" (in the above exemple)

  • "Mailmerge": Preferred distribution method for your mass mailings using third-party emailing software. Select your preferred mailer, copy and paste your “mailmerge” Smartlink into your newsletter template, distribute your emailing and automatically retrieve in your statistics all the email addresses of your prospects who have consulted your document.

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