How to augment a document?


The augmentation editor allows you to augment your documents in the digital world - with a Smartlink - and in the physical world - in augmented reality with the SnapPress application.

To access the augmentation editor, choose a Smartlink and open its "settings" menu.


  • Click on the "Augment" icon to open the augmentation editor. It opens in a new tab


Augment a digital document (Smartlink):
Add your augmentations to the editor and then distribute your Smartlink to your clients. Readers who view your document online will then be able to interact with the augmentations added to the document (play videos, open links...etc).

Augment a physical document (Augmented Reality): Add your augmentations in the editor and specify the pages you want to activate in augmented reality. Users who will have your document in printed version will then be able to scan it with the SnapPress application to view and interact with your augmentations.

  • Check the "activate AR" option in the editor then save your interactions in Augmented Reality*

* You can activate a maximum of 5 Augmented Reality pages per user across all your Smartlinks.

  • Scan the augmented page with the SnapPress mobile application (scan directly your screen or the printed version) to reveal the augmented reality interactions.

This allows you to augment your documents and offer your readers the same interactions, whether the document is distributed digitally or in print.


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