Retrieve statistics 


The statistics provide you with valuable feedback on the consultation and appreciation of your documents. To access the basic statistics of your Smartlinks :

  • Click on the statistics button in the Analytics column of your Smartlinks.
    This icon displays an overview of the total time spent viewing your document and the number of unique openings.


  • Your statistics interface opens in a new tab

  • Consult the statistics of your Smartlink and/or your pages in augmented reality


Smartlinks statistics :

- Nb of unique views
- Total viewing time
- Nb of devices
- Viewing time / page
- Visitor's email*
- Information on how to download or print the Smartlink
- Global performance of your Smartlink (rating with stars)

if the q= is filled in or if you use a mailmerge smartlink

  • Export the raw consultation data by clicking on the "export .csv" tab


Augmented Reality statistics :

- Nb of unique users (global and detail / page)
- Nb of scans (global and detail / page)
- Nb of clicks (global and detail / page)
- Unique ID of the phones that scanned your documents
- Date
- Location
- Device model
- OS 

  • Export the raw consultation data by clicking on the "export .csv" tab.


Get notified when your Smartlink is viewed

Once your Smartlinks are created you can share them with the outside world.
Each consultation of your Smartlinks provides statistics.

  • When a Smartlink is opened for the first time by one of your recipients, you are notified by email that a "visitor" has opened your document.

    N.B: If the recipient of your Smartlink is identified (Mailmerge, q=, Email required) the "visitor" is then replaced by the identifier of your recipient.


  • Click on "view detailed statistics" in the email to access your report.
    If you wish to be notified at each consultation, check the button "Check this box to receive an email every time your document is opened". You will then receive an email every time your document is opened.

    NB: consulting a Smartlink from a browser where your session is active does not produce statistics, so you can consult your documents from your account without polluting your consultation statistics.

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