Multi-language campaigns


If your Augmented Reality campaign covers several countries or a single country with several languages, you can take advantage of the "Multi-languages" option.

The description of the campaign in the application will adapt to the user's language and, most importantly, the interactions displayed after a scan can be modified according to the language of the user's terminal.


For example, you may want to display different text or audio versions of your content depending on whether the user speaks English or Spanish.

When creating or editing a campaign, click on "Add language" and then click on the language you wish to add.

Calque_2_copie.jpgWithin the markers present in your campaign, a small tab will appear with the languages you have chosen. In brackets is the number of interactions on each language.Calque_1_copie.jpgYou can import interactions from one of your languages into another language by selecting it from the drop-down menu.Calque_1_copiemomo.jpg

Here is the list of languages available for your campaigns:

FR Français
EN English
IT Italiano
RU Русский
ES Español (Spain)
PT Português
DE Deutsch
TR Turkish
ZH 中文
JA 日本語
KO 한국어
NL Nederlands
BG Български език
AR العربية
RO Română
DA Dansk
NO Norsk
SV Svenska
MX Español (Mexico)
CZ Česky
HU Magyar
PL Polski
SK Slovenčina
SR Српски


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