What are the advantages of WebAR?


WebAR, despite some limitations, has many advantages :

  • No mobile application download : Imposing to an end user to download a mobile application can be a barrier to the access to the Augmented Reality experience (smartphones already saturated with applications, consumption of mobile memory space ...). WebAR removes this barrier by not imposing any download.
  • Compatible with most web browsers : the WebAR is theoretically compatible with all mobile web browsers that allow access to the phone's camera. However, there may be differences in rendering and quality depending on one or the other of these browsers. Certain configurations are recommended for an optimal experience. (cf Web browsers: the best performances)
  • Fast Deployment : Customization, creation and deployment of a WebAR application is done quickly because of the freedom and ease offered by web development tools.
  • No updates : You are assured to always benefit from the most recent version of the WebAR application. No manual update of the application is required on the user side as it can be the case on a native application. 
  • Natural integration with statistical tools : A WebAR application generates standard web signals, easily interpreted and processed by statistical monitoring tools. Contact us for any customization request.
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