ARGO WebAR - Introduction


Congratulations on your subscription to ARGO WebAR, the Augmented Reality player directly in the browser, without any mobile application to download.



  • WebAR is an option in ARGO Manager. You can suscribe by contacting one of our account managers at:

  • Once you have subscribed to this option, you can publish your augmented reality creations in the native AR player (ARGOplay application) and in the webAR player. It's very easy, you don't have to make a choice when publishing, ALL YOUR CREATIONS published from the ARGO editor are compatible with the native application AND WebAR

  • You can then have fun scanning your augmented visuals with both applications to measure the differences between each of these two technologies.

  • You can also plan "multi-channel" campaigns using the same visual to be scanned with the native app (ARGOplay) and the Web app ARGO WebAR.


Once you have subscribed to WebAR option, your dashboard now displays a new table, "WebAR Views", which allows you to track the number of views of your WebAR campaigns and measure the count of the view quota subscribed.



In your "campaign" view, next to the "New Marker" button, you will find a new Design WebAR* button



Click on it to get the url of the WebAR player as well as the QR code giving access to the player.


You can use the available url to create your own QR code or use the available one, it's up to you!
Once the WebAR reader is open in your browser, you just have to scan your augmented visual to reveal the AR experience.


* Design WebAR is an additional option to the WebAR offering. This feature allows you to customize the ARGO WebAR player's landing page with your brand colors for an even richer and more immersive experience.
To learn more about the Design WebAR option, please contact an account manager at:


To learn more about WebAR landing page customization, read the article Customize your WebAR campaign


Enjoy discovering our WebAR solution!


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