User interface introduction


Welcome to the Bêta version of your new ARGO manager.
This new project management interface aims to merge our Augmented Reality and Interactive PDF solutions into a single manager.


  • Dashboard (in progress)

    You will find an overview of your current campaigns, global statistics of your organization and a direct access to useful resources (tutorials, articles, FAQ...)

  • Projects 

    No more campaigns, from now on you will create "projects", in Augmented Reality or Augmented PDF. Click on the "Create project" button and let yourself be guided.

  • Statistics (in progress)

    Get an overview of the statistics for all your AR and PDF projects. Dedicated project statistics can also be accessed directly from the project settings screen.

  • Medias (in progress)

    Visit a draft of the new ARGO Media Library, the ideal place to gather and organize all the editorial content shared between the different members of your organization. Videos, images, 3D objects (connection with Sketchfab), audio files... access your media library directly from the ARGO editor and don't waste any time looking for resources you can't find: it's all there!

  • Members

    If you are administrator in your organization, you have access to the members menu where you can add, delete or modify your team mates profiles according to the quotas allowed to your organization.

Check out the dedicated sections in FAQ to discover the intricacies of each of these menus and find out how to get the most out of your new ARGO manager.



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