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In this article we will see how to create and set up your augmented PDF projects.

  • Click on Projects menu


The interface is accessible in "thumbnail" or "list" view depending on your display preferences.


You can also search for a project by name, filter your projects by type (PDF or AR) and also filter your queries by tags (cf article What's new : ARGOflow Bêta changes)

  • Click on CTA "Create new project" 


  • A modal displays. You can then create an augmented PDF project or an AR project (under construction) according to your subscription. Click on Augmented PDF


  • Follow the steps to create your project

    You are then invited to name your project, add your tags and select a PDF document.


  • Save

  • Here you are in the overview of your project

The "overview" tab shows you the main features of your project: information about the document, access to the editor, sharing features, summary of statistics (once the project is published), etc.


You can rename, duplicate or delete your project by using the icons next to the project name.


You can also add, delete or modify the tags associated with your project from the tags menu, hide your project from your collaborators by using the "private" mode or block the editing of the project by activating the "Lock" option.

The statistics summary is only visible once your project is published.

  • Click on the "Distribution Settings" tab to customize your project


On this screen you will find all your project settings (previously accessible on the "Smartlink settings" screen).

Once satisfied, click on the "save" icon at the top of your screen (the save icon is accessible from all screens of the project interface and is displayed as soon as a save is necessary)


  • Click on the "test" icon to preview your project


The "test" screen allows you to preview your project without the consultation statistics being taken into account and before your project is published.
Enlarge the preview window by clicking on the "enlarge" icon for more comfort.

  • Click on the "Publish" button once satisfied to activate your project


If you don't publish your project it will not be visible to your recipients.
You can activate and deactivate your project remotely.

  • Once your project is published and distributed, click on the "statistics" tab to follow the consultation of your project.



You have just created, set up and distributed your augmented PDF project.
If you have any questions, contact us at:


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