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Dear ARGOflow users,

You will find in this article some conceptual explanations about the new ARGO manager Beta version, some changes that have been made in order to simplify and fluidify your use of the new manager.

  • Smartlinks become projects

You used to create smartlinks in your ARGO manager, the new Beta manager now invites you to create Augmented PDF or Augmented Reality projects (in progress).

The purpose remains the same (creation of a unique URL link), only the name differs.

  • Say goodbye to project files and welcome to tags

This is the main change compared to the previous version of the manager: the classification by folders has been removed, replaced by a classification by #tags.

It is now up to you to assign #tags to your projects in order to find them easily later by sorting them by tags. 


We are aware that this may be a major change for your "mental organization", but we are confident that this choice is the right one. The tag sorting system allows a much more flexible and transversal organization for your projects.

You can assign one or more reference tags to a project and use the same tag systematically to group projects belonging to the same entity. This way, you can simply search by tag to obtain a list of all the projects with this tag.

  • ARGOflow and Bêta managers communicate

In order to allow you to familiarize yourself with your new manager, and while waiting for the delivery of all the expected features in this new manager, we allow you to use the old version (1) and the new version (2) of the ARGO manager in parallel. You just have to identify yourself on one or the other version from the login page.


Nota bene :

  1. All Smartlinks created since version 1 exist in version 2: the name of the Smartlink is now the name of the project.

  2. Folders created in version 1 exist in version 2: the name of the project is now the name of the tag associated with the project

  3. All projects created in the Beta version of the manager (V2) are also available in version 1: the project names are now smartlink names. All projects created in Beta version are stored as smartlinks in the "Unclassified" folder of the V1 manager.

You can use either version of the manager for some time.
However, we invite you to use the Beta manager, which will definitely replace the V1 manager in the near future.

The ARGO team remains at your disposal for any comments and clarifications.
Contact us at : account.managers@ar-go.co

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