Discover the interface: the different menus


The navigation menu on the left side of the screen presents the ARGO manager tree and allows navigation through the main menus of the interface.

  • Dashboard

The identification on the login page brings the user to the ARGO manager dashboard.

The dashboard provides an overview of all operations performed on the ARGO manager, number of projects created, most consulted projects, recently used...

(non contractual - in development)


  • Projects

The heart of the ARGO manager, the projects menu is the dedicated entry for the creation of augmented document projects (augmented PDF and augmented reality).
The user can find all the projects created within his organization, by himself and his colleagues, and can create new projects.



A search bar allows the user to filter the projects of his organization according to several advanced criteria:

  • Display in list view or thumbnails
  • Textual search by project "name
  • Filter by (All Projects / My Projects / Augmented Reality Projects / Augmented PDF Projects)
  • Sort by (Published / Unpublished, Newer / Older, Older / Newer, A-Z, Z-A)
  • Filter by Tags

All search parameters can be combined to display projects by specific characteristics.

  • Statistics

The statistics menu entry allows you to view the overall statistics of your campaigns according to their acquisition channel: Augmented Reality and/or Augmented PDF.


Select a time period using the calendar selectors to view the number of global views, clicks and other statistical data associated with this period.

N.B: To view statistics by project, we invite you to go directly to the project and click on the statistics tab associated with the project.

  • Medias

The Media page provides a link to the ARGO Media Library.
The media library allows you to store all the editorial content (documents, images, videos, audio files, 3D objects, etc.) used by all the members of the same organization.



Click on the "Open Media Library" link to open it in a new tab.

  • Media library

The content library is specific to each ARGO organization.
You can import and store all types of editorial content shared between members of your organization and simplify the management of your assets.

The media library is separate from the ARGO manager (new tab) to offer more flexibility for its future evolution.

N.B: The media library is temporarily limited in access to ARGOplay account holders (Augmented Reality) but will soon be available to all ARGO platform users.

All the content imported and stored in the Media Library of your organization is then directly accessible when augmenting your AR and PDF projects through ARGO editor.




The taskbar of the Media library interface invites you to :

  • Create a folder to store the contents of each of your projects
  • Upload new content (video, documents, images...etc)
  • Search and sort your documents according to advanced criteria.


  • Organization

The Organizations menu is accessible to members of the organization with the status "super-administrator". It is not visible or accessible to users with the status "Administrator" and "Member".

This super status allows the user to create and set up sub-organizations within ARGO Manager.

ARGO administrators use this interface to create organizations for their customers and partners.



  • Members

The "members" menu entry is visible and accessible only to users with the status "administrator" within the organization.

This interface allows you to create and manage the different members of the organization and their rights within it.



To find out how to create and set up users within your ARGO platform, see the dedicated section of this FAQ.

  • Messages

The "Messages" menu interface is only visible and accessible to users of the organization with the "Administrator" status.

The Messages menu is only available to organizations that have subscribed to ARGOplay or that have their own white label application.

This interface allows you to create and send push notifications to the ARGOplay mobile application or white label application owners associated to the organization and to send specific messages related to marketing and promotional operations.

Sending a notification message to the mobile application can be done according to the operating system of the cell phones (Android, IOS), or according to the project scanned by the users.

For more details on the "Messages" interface, please refer to the dedicated section of this FAQ.

  • Profile

The profile menu allows you to customize your user account with an avatar, select your interface display preferences (dark/light mode), set your Google quick login options or change your login credentials.





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