WebAR application


ARGO has developed a full-web Augmented Reality technology (WebAR).

All AR projects in the ARGO platform are compatible by default with the native ARGOplay application (IOS / Android). Access to the web application is an option to be activated which gives the possibility to scan all augmented pages with the WebAR player.

To launch the WebAR player, simply open a dedicated URL and authorize the browser of your cell phone to access the camera in order to enjoy the Augmented Reality experience.




This full web solution is accessible via a URL which can be customized according to marketing needs.
ARGO provides you with a URL and a QR code generated from that URL to facilitate access to the device. You can also create your own QR code from the URL of your project.

View a demo video


Compatibility :

  • IOS (Apple): Safari (from iOS11) and Chrome from iOS 13.
    Apple only allows access to the camera on specific versions/browsers

  • Android: Chrome (recommended) and Firefox

Any configuration updated within the last 2 years.
On manufacturers' browsers (native): mostly compatible

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