Create a message (push notification)


The "Messages" menu interface is only visible and accessible to users who have subscribed to AR and have the "Administrator" status.

ARGO platform users with the AR option have the ability to create and send push notifications to users of the native ARGOplay mobile application or their white label application.

Push messages are not addressed through the WebAR application
Users must have downloaded the native app and/or scanned one of the AR projects.

  • Click on the Messages entry in the menu on the left and then on "Create a message".


  • Write the push message to send and specify the sending options


    - Content : Place the message and the header you will have chosen in this box.

    - Target language : select a language from the drop-down menu to send notifications only to smartphones set to the chosen language

    - Application :

    - Target platform : Select an operating system (All, Android, IOS) in order to send the message to the owners of an Android or IOS smartphone specifically

    - Project : Select a campaign from your organization in the drop-down menu. The message will then be sent to the smartphones of users who have scanned one or more pages of this campaign




  • Click on "Send" once satisfied

  • Once your message is sent, check the "Notifications" column of the table to know the number of smartphones addressed by your push message.
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