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Users who have subscribed to the "WebAR Design" option in their ARGOplay subscription are granted access to advanced settings for their WebAR campaigns. Customize the interface, the colors, the brand experience, find out how to make the most of this feature.


Customize your project URL

  • Click on the "WebAR diffusion Settings" tab


Users who have purchased the "WebAR Design" option in addition to the "WebAR" option have the ability to customize the URL of their web campaign to provide a complete brand experience.


  • Click in the URL field and enter the name you want to give to your project url (By default the URL is the project name)

  • If the domain name is available, a green message is displayed

  • If the domain name is not available (already used by you or another client, common name...), a red message warns you. You will have to choose another domain name for your WebAR project. In case of dispute (name of your brand already used), contact us to investigate (


    users who have not subscribed to the "Design WebAR" option have access to the standard ARGO web reader and can scan their augmented pages with the web application accessible at the following url:

Customize WebAR landing page

  • Click on the tab "Webar Design"


  • Check the "Mobile" option to enable customization of your WebAR experience on cell phones. The mobile tab gives you all the options to customize your WebAR project landing page


  • Check the "Desktop" option if you also want to customize the home screen of your campaign on a computer in case your URL is opened from a browser on a fixed station.


  • Use the "Form / Code" buttons to use either the CMS form for easy editing or the code editor for advanced users who want to go further in customizing the home screen


  • The preview window on the right hand side of the screen shows you the modifications made to the template and gives you a preview of the final result.

  • Once satisfied, click on the "Save" button in the taskbar at the top of the screen

  • Then click on the "test" button to test the final result by scanning the QR Code provided for this purpose


Congratulations, you have just created an Augmented Reality project in WebAR.

N.B: Your project can be modified at any time, even after publication.


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