WebAR tuto : customize WebAR pin point for markerless experiences


To be able to customize a webAR experience you must have subscribed to the "WebAR design" option which allows you to access the customization interface. If this is not already the case, you can contact our sales team (sales@ar-go.co).

In this tutorial we will focus on customizing the markerless experience. For more details on the different types of webAR available you can watch the video below.



The webAR customization module allows you to design in a few clicks the page that is displayed when the user opens the url corresponding to your campaign. In case of a custom URL, it usually looks like this : https://yourbrandname.webargo.app.

In your webAR experience it is possible to use the 3D animation of your choice for the cursor.
The 3D cursor (pin point) is a visual aid to help the user position the AR experience in his surrounding environment.

In order to make your work easier we suggest you use the default animation currently used in the ARGO WebAR application as a starting point: Here

You can then modify this animated pin point with the 3D software of your choice.
We suggest the online tool https://threejs.org/editor/ which allows you to edit the different textures of the 3D animation and adapt it to your needs.





Next, you just have to follow our tutorial : 




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